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GMAT & GRE preparation tutorials with experienced instructor
For the past seven years I have taught GMAT and GRE preparation courses for three companies. This experience has led me to create comprehensive learning materials (180-page student workbooks, quizzes and advanced materials) that I use during my private tutorials. My materials are proven, and the tips and strategies that you will learn with me will help you maximize your score on these challenging tests. I scored 770 (99th percentile) on the GMAT, so I know what it takes to perform well.

In addition to seven years experience teaching GRE and GMAT preparation courses, I have been a math teacher since 1992. I know how to present complex material in a way that is most accessible to students.

My one-on-one tutorial sessions are conducted online through a popular web-conferencing site called GoToMeeting. Here an audio connection allows us to discuss materials, and a shared whiteboard lets us examine and annotate learning materials. You can even capture onscreen notes to study later. It's essentially the same as face-to-face tutoring.

I'm confident that I can help you achieve the score you need.

For more information, please visit
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